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Private Tours - Kavanagh's Chauffeur Service

Ireland is an extremely popular destination thanks to its rich history and stunning scenery, both rural and urban. If you are interested in sampling some of Ireland’s must-see attractions at your own pace, we recommend booking one of our chauffeur-guided private tour services. After discussing your expectations, budget and interests, we can design a private tour around you with the aim of ensuring you make the most out of your trip to Ireland.

We provide private tours to all of Ireland’s most notable historic attractions.

Our drivers/guides have extensive knowledge of all national routes and we have a close working relationship with some of Ireland’s best hotels, meaning we can advise you on the most convenient places to stay during your trip.

Since our establishment, we have proudly chauffeured hundreds of clients from around the globe, introducing them to the beauty and warmth that Ireland has to offer. Not only will we transport you to some of Ireland’s most stunning locations, we can also inform you of the rich history around each of them. Contact us today to discuss your upcoming trip to Ireland.

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